It is important that you read this privacy policy carefully so that you are fully aware of how and why we use your personal information. We do not knowingly collect personal information relating to children under the age of 16 and children under the age of 16 should not use this website.We ensure that all our procedures comply with the ethical standards and regulations laid down by the authorities. We, safeguard the rights of our clients and affiliates and implement sound and reasonable policies to ensure to them maximum protection.
With us, your personal information is in safe hands. We are aware that our prestigious clients and affiliates confide in us with utter belief and confidence and we do well to live up to their expectations and trust. We use the information we receive about you in a sensible and careful manner and all the information received is subject to our privacy policy. When dealing with us and using our platform for advertisement or purchases, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy and succumbing to it.

What Type of Information do we Collect?

We collect only the most primary type of information about our customers and affiliates. The information collected at includes the name, location, your payment and product preferences and the contact of the individual or the entity. These are only some of the vital pieces of information that are necessary in order to reach the consumer.
We only store the contact information of the consumer or the affiliates so as to ensure to them efficiently and prompt communication. The contact information stored in our systems allows us to reach the consumer if we wish to inform you of new discount deals and offer. We may use your email, postal code, telephone numbers, social media or even your website in order to make contact with you.
Moreover, we are also keen on learning your preferences so that we can render to you the best of service. We like to know which ones of our thousands of stores and deals you especially like and go for. This allows us to bring to you much better and greater options for those stores and particular brands making the whole experience worthwhile for you.

In What Ways do we Use Your Acquired Personal Information?
The information that we get a hold on about you can be used by our website for various purposes. As mentioned earlier, we use to information to reach our customers and affiliate and to communicate with them more efficiently and effectively. However, there are a number of other healthy and constructive ways in which the information can be used. We use the information provided to use to- Make available to you much better discount deals, coupons code and promotional codes. To get into much more lucrative and economical terms with our affiliates. To bargain on your behalf more rewarding of deals and discounts. To ensure that you are qualified and eligible for our certain deals and discount packages. To bring to you better and more prestigious of brands and stores to choose from. To help you browse more efficiently and conveniently through our website. We use your location to bring you more advanced services like free shipment to your locations and other locality based benefits and deals. To make sure your redemption has been successfully made. Provide to you offers and services that may be viable to you and comply with your payment options and delivery services. In order to keep you updated on all the latest deals and packages. To send you notices, updates, newsletter issues, relevant coupons, deals and seasonal money off and sales. To inform you about our contests, offers, giveaways and surveys that you may want to take advantage of. Bring to you opportunities and business from the RebateBasket platform. In all these purposes, we do not have any hidden agendas or sinister plans. We only work in the best interest of our stakeholders; the cherished customers and affiliates.

How do we obtain Your Information?

We collect the most essential of personal information when you first sign up with us. Information is collected when you sign up to reveal your discount deals and coupons code with us, or you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or you create an account to advertise and create coupons with us. No matter how you use the RebateBasket website, information is collected and kept safe with us. We in no way misuse your personal information or use it to spam your email addresses and text in boxes. Also, when you comment on our website, contact us for advertisement and other official purposes, use our blog, guest blog us or make forum comments about us, we do get hold of your personal information by means of cookies and cache. Moreover, if you use our Android apps and our apps for social media, there are certain terms and conditions that we may have set for those apps. And hence, when deciding to use those apps, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and allowing the app to store information about you on our behalf.

Do we Further Share Your Information Received?
We only use the information received for our own purposes. We do not further pass on your information or sell it to other entities for commercial purposes. We are aware of the rights of our prestigious shareholders and we do well to safeguard them. We store information about you in compliance with the rights and ethical standards of obtaining personal data. The ways in which we use your information are subject to the clauses, terms and conditions of our privacy policy or in any other ways that proves to be just as safe and protected as those stated in this policy.

How Does Use Cookies? In the same way as other sites, we utilize "treats" to gather data. A treat is a little information document put on your PC or cell phone for record-keeping purposes. We may utilize both steady treats, which stay on your PC, and session ID treats, which lapse toward the end of your program session. Persevering treats might be utilized to recollect your gadget for future logins to the Services. Session treats might be utilized to empower certain elements of the Services, to better see how clients collaborate with the Services and to screen web movement directing from and total utilization of the Services. You can educate your program, by changing its alternatives, to quit tolerating treats or to incite you before tolerating a treat from the sites you visit. In the event that you don't acknowledge treats, nonetheless, you will most likely be unable to utilize all usefulness of the Services.

How do you Correct the Information Provided to Us? allows you to access the information that you may have provided to us or the forms that you probably filled up at the time of the sign up process. You can simply log back in to your account and revisit and correct the information you feel necessary. However, it is important that you jot down the relevant and correct information.
Do we Let you Know if There are Changes in the Policy?
One of the reasons why we store your information is to keep you informed and updated on any changes in the policy of We like to keep or stakeholders content and well informed. And hence, every time we alter a policy term or come up with a new clause, we let you know as soon as we can. A notification by email following the change in policy terms and conditions is sent.